Real-time Analytics or History based, which is most suitable?

Traditionally data warehouses do not contain today’s data. They are usually loaded with data via an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process from operational systems on a periodic basis, often nightly, but sometimes even weekly. In any case, they are a window on the past. With the ever-growing pace of business today, are these history-based … Read moreReal-time Analytics or History based, which is most suitable?

ERP Productivity

Success or failure of a business is determined by its people and in most businesses, staff use software such as ERP to execute the various tasks, processes and other required activities more efficiently. So what are the factors that determine if your ERP promotes or hinders employee productivity? There are many vendors out there fighting … Read moreERP Productivity

Technologies transforming the Manufacturing sector

Technology is transforming the manufacturing sector. According to GE Capital’s latest Mid-Market Report, technology is a $78.8 billion industry in Australia. Manufacturing makes up roughly 40 per cent, or $31.2 billion of that figure. What this indicates is that manufacturers are increasingly embracing technology. With this in mind, let’s take a look at five of … Read moreTechnologies transforming the Manufacturing sector