A cultured approach to crisis

Good work culture

Why do some teams and entire industries navigate change or crisis and come out stronger – while others break apart? At the core of any business is the culture – because that is what binds your biggest asset: your employees. Businesses with a strong positive culture nurture happy and passionate employees who are more productive. … Read moreA cultured approach to crisis

Customer Statement – Responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID 19 Customer Statement

07 July 2020: New COVID-19 restrictions for Victoria With the re-introduction of Stage-3 restrictions, all face-to-face meetings and customer site visits in the Melbourne metro area will be stopped – unless there are exceptional circumstances. Arrangements will be made to meet virtually (via video/teleconference) where ever possible. In line with advice from the Victorian Chief … Read moreCustomer Statement – Responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Five action points to consider when reviewing business software

When you run a growing organisation, there’s a point where you need to consider upgrading or investing in new business management software to support performance and profitability goals. Sometimes there are other reasons for a upgrade. For example, cyber attackers are constantly finding new ways to exploit vulnerable systems and endangering private business and customer … Read moreFive action points to consider when reviewing business software