Freakonomics, Big Data and Thinking Beyond Assumptions

Most of us who work in a data-related field are familiar with the universal themes and controversy surrounding Freakonomics. Freakonomics, the brainchild of two economists who use economic principles to explain and explore just about every aspect of society, was introduced to us in the mid-2000s as a book, and then made into a documentary.  It … Read moreFreakonomics, Big Data and Thinking Beyond Assumptions

The best business database

As small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) incorporate complex IT systems into their infrastructure, they need to invest in a scalable database to act as a robust repository for their business-critical data. Many businesses still use spreadsheets to run some company processes, but as the enterprise grows, outdated methods no longer cut the mustard. There are … Read moreThe best business database

Cloud downtime: How long is too long?

Some people think of “the cloud” as the Holy Grail for business software. The advantages of cloud services include outsourcing your IT infrastructure to experts and having unlimited access to applications wherever there is an Internet or wide-area network connection. Moving applications to the cloud allows companies to focus on adding value through their own … Read moreCloud downtime: How long is too long?