Control your destiny: Challenges and solutions for Australian CEOs

One of the most important roles for chief executives is treading a line between actively pursuing growth and managing risks.

How are Australian CEOs reacting to this ambient volatility? Working with The CEO Institute, we interviewed 185 CEOs from various industries, including IT, media, resources, manufacturing, retail and imports. The results show the top six concerns focus on organisational and environmental challenges.

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At Pronto, we believe CEOs should focus on developing a ‘single source of truth’ that cuts across their operations and draws together all internal and external data sources.

This common and ideally real-time view of the organisation will come from introducing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI) system that can better monitor the business and inform decisions in all major areas of CEO concerns, from staffing to responding to digital change.

To learn more about how the right technology solution can help you and your business deal with the challenges we’ve discussed above, please contact us.

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