Thinking and Doing

Research and Development (R&D) is a key focus

Pronto Xi is designed, engineered and maintained from our Melbourne, Australia headquarters by our Research and Development team.

We have recently strengthened Pronto’s capability to expand our product portfolio and create the best business management software by establishing a new Sri Lanka Development Group. The Colombo team is a direct Pronto Development office of our own people, working closely with the Melbourne team on a daily basis as the hub for an expanding portfolio of web, mobile and integrated technologies with global reach.

Our Melbourne Core Development team also continues to focus on innovating the core Pronto Xi product suite and infrastructure.

Agile development

The latest development techniques and tools

Pronto Software is an Agile development environment, utilising an ever evolving mix of the latest development techniques and tools. Our project teams are not your traditional software teams - each project team member sits full time in their project "stream" to facilitate high bandwidth communication.

They use everything from the latest KANBAN and LEAN management tools through to electrical tape and paper cards stuck on the walls! The Development Centre is a truly collaborative effort - lots of different parts of Pronto are involved regularly in the core development teams (even customers), making sure that what we build is actually what will provide the best value for our ever expanding community.

Pronto Software Technology Partners