Pronto Xi for Mining, Oil & Gas Services

Enterprise wide solutions to improve administrative and operational efficiency

The mining sector is one of speed and scalability. Don’t let your software platform get in the way of the next growth opportunity; trust the solution used by over 100 mining, oil & gas companies across Australia. Pronto Xi is a proven software choice for the entire lifecycle of a mine, from exploration to production.

With mining customers in more than 40 countries using Pronto Xi, we’re experienced at helping junior and joint venture mining companies manage their business in a dynamic environment. We understand that you need real-time information at your fingertips to make better decisions, faster.

When an out-dated IT platform will no longer support the functionality you need, Pronto Xi is the software solution to help you reduce operating costs, improve production efficiencies, and achieve greater profitability.

Mining Software

Pronto Software Mining

Asset Management

The Pronto Xi Asset Management modules include tools for full project planning and management, maintenance registers and scheduling, and more. Plan pre-emptive maintenance on key equipment to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime.

Now with the addition of Resource Management, users can fully manage their human resources. Staff profiles include award rates, relevant licenses and skill attributes, and more to assist in ensuring the right resource utilisation.

Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos Analytics comes embedded within Pronto Xi, meaning that data from multiple sources in your mining business can be aggregated and presented at any level, to any manager, whether on site or working remotely.

Staff in the field who are not connected to the ERP are still able to access the data they need on mobile or via the web-based browser interface.

Pronto Xi for Mining

Demand Planning

By being more efficient in internally allocating and requesting inventory, mines have a far greater understanding of their real usage and costs as they occur.

Remote mines don’t have quick turnaround times on critical supplies, exposing them to costly unplanned downtime should they run out. With Pronto Xi they no longer have to over-order and tie up valuable cash flow.

Pronto Mining Oil and Gas

Financial Management

In addition to the financial tracking you would expect, our Financial Management modules can also capture non-financial data such as man-hours worked, drilling measurements, and tonnes processed. This allows you to view and report on all aspects of your mining operation simply and quickly.

Industry leaders trust Pronto Xi