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The Australian: Pronto’s fast move on cyber security
23 Oct 2018
Chad Gates spoke to The Australian about cybersecurity – and why Cipherise was incorporated into the latest version of Pronto Xi 750:  
Innovation and High Value Manufacturing in Australia
25 Mar 2014
The University of Cambridge’s Institute of Manufacturing defined high value manufacturing as ‘the full cycle of activities from research and development, through design, production, logistics and ...
It’s time for retailers to get their heads into ‘The Cloud’
21 Nov 2013
For many retailers managing business processes, resources and legislation will be a continuous challenge. Developing proactive strategies beyond these can often be forced to take a back seat. There is...
Traceability – knowing where it came from and where it went
29 Aug 2012
I picked up a pack of vitamins today and noticed the batch number “020616” and use by “SEP 20” on the label. This is something I consume, so I rely on it being fit to consume. The company that...
What should lead time mean?
30 Jul 2012
Recently I was looking at different ways of calculating safety stock and one of the calculations I looked at used "average lead time". It occurred to me that lead time is used a lot in supply chain ca...
Benefiting from stocktakes
30 Apr 2012
Insofar as risk and operational pain are concerned, performing a stocktake rates very high on both counts. Many organisations recognise that if they perform stocktakes badly, it will have signi...
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