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Service requires connected collaboration

When customers require support, expectations are high and frustration can occur at any delay – such as being forced to wait in queue to talk to service staff. Combine this with a lack of visibility on the progression of their request after the call which leaves customers confused about status. Then there is the inconvenience of having to call again to follow-up, share an important update or reschedule – all this contributes to escalating tensions that make it harder to efficiently manage requests.

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Customer service excellence & empowered support staff

Pronto Xi Service Connect – an extension of Pronto Xi Service Management – drives outstanding customer experience. This engaging web portal enables an organisation’s customers to create & track logged service calls in real time; self-manage details/preferences & view invoices. With one constant source of truth, Support teams have all the information needed to assign the right resources and resolve calls at a record pace. This reduces the administrative burden on service centre staff and frees them up to focus on increasing customer satisfaction.

How Pronto Xi Service Connect helps

With convenient access to the service portal from anywhere and any device, customers remain informed every step of the way which increases customer satisfaction . Customers can create and track service calls in real time – allowing them to plan work around ETAs.
Calls can be managed end-to-end when Pronto Xi Service Connect is used in conjunction with Pronto Xi Resource Management and Mobile Service. Less time is spent managing a call or locating disparate information – and more time is available to resolve.
Pronto Xi Service Connect empowers support teams and leaders across the business with access to up-to-date service call information – including prior history and conversations. Organisations can identify opportunities to streamlines operations and extend better service.

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