Your business answering to you

With our out-of-the-box Intelligence modules, you can instantly see a clear picture of what’s happening in your business, eliminating the risk of information silos that can create inefficiencies and hamper growth.

Designed to give you ready access to all the data you need, in the format you need it, BI Essentials allows you to make informed and timely business decisions.

Pronto Xi also provides a ready-to-use intelligence framework that includes packages for easy authoring and reporting, as well as business dashboards that are pre-built and ready to go.

Data Intelligence makes it easy for your staff to extract and present data in a range of Pronto and non-Pronto formats. Data tables can be filtered, sorted and highlighted to suit individual needs.

BI Administration provides your IT administrators complete flexibility to set access controls and user capabilities, including usernames, passwords and reporting roles.

A view from the top down

To help speed up the decision-making process, BI Manager gives business managers and executives the ability to quickly and easily compile and author reports.

BI Designer makes it easier for professional report authors to perform more complex reporting duties.

It also makes it easier to produce more engaging reports because charts, links and lists, as well as non-Business Intelligence components such as images and logos, can be incorporated.

Move effortlessly from broad picture to minute detail with a customisable dashboard. With the flexibility of drill-down, drill-through, trending and ‘slice & dice’ functionality on many key metrics, you’ll see dimensionally modelled data from every angle.

Use key metrics to quickly eyeball poor performing or troublesome aspects of your business, then use the extended capabilities to find the root of the problem and take swift, decisive action.

Make your business your business

Pronto Xi offers tools to monitor your operations and assign tasks, so you never miss a thing.

Alert Intelligence provides automated alerts to notify your staff when something has happened in your business, no matter where they are in the world. Select events to trigger notifications of who should be notified, and specify the action that should be taken. When an event takes place, Pronto Xi will automatically carry out your instructions.

Easily and efficiently manage your staff and workflows with Task Intelligence, a customizable system that ensures mission-critical tasks are acted upon swiftly and carried out to the letter.

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Get a clear picture of your business performance

While instinct alone may get you a long way in business, maximizing success relies on making informed and timely decisions.

With a suite of Intelligence modules, Pronto Xi allows you to analyze every aspect of your business performance and drive optimized business efficiency.

You can identify the things that are working well and those that aren’t, and drill down further to understand the reasons why.

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