Pronto Xi, a modern platform
for the growing business

Cloud, web, mobile and integration ready

We select the right technologies, coding languages and design approaches for the needs of our evolving application to ensure platform scalability, robustness and ease of maintenance.

Pronto Xi comprises a technology stack consisting of dozens of modern-languages including Angular JS, XML, JQuery, Java, Google Closure, MVC Framework (Mithril), RESTful web-services, HTML5 (CSS), and many more to deliver a modern platform for the growing business.

Mobilise your staff

Get more productive

Pronto Xi offers mobile solutions built using latest web and mobile technologies such as Ruby on Rails and designed to take advantage of latest HTML5 web standards.

Where users need information on the go, we’ve developed a series of applications specifically for mobile device consumption. These include Mobile CRM, Mobile Service, Mobile Sales as well as Mobile Business Intelligence using the IBM Cognos BI platform.

Pronto Connect Web-Services

Get connected

Seamless connectivity between business applications has become critical, especially for larger companies, those with mobile workforces or those who simply want to align poorly connected systems and disjointed process. As your business grows, so does the volume of data and the number of applications your employees use.

Pronto Connect is an industry-standard web services architecture that utilises latest web-services standards such as RESTful APIs that helps you integrate applications and platforms with Pronto Xi.

It enables you to protect your investment in existing cloud-based or on-premises software tools by providing the interface between them and your back-office Pronto Xi platform.

Adaptable application infrastructure

Customise, personalise and align
using Pronto Xi’s applistructure

Because we understand that no two businesses are the same, we have developed an ‘Applistructure’ solution that makes it easy to tailor your Pronto Xi modules to exactly fit your needs. So our software adapts to your business needs and processes, not the other way around.

Where other competitors force heavy customisations that are both expensive and difficult to upgrade, Pronto makes application-level customisations straightforward.

Take control of screens, control what users see, change prompts, fields, menus, buttons, screen defaults as well as many other application customisations.

Forms Management

TrueForm Neo

Pronto Xi TrueForm Neo allows you to format, personalise and distribute all customer-facing and business documents from the Pronto Xi Enterprise Management System.

With an intuitive design interface, TrueForm Neo makes it easy to create high-quality, professional forms, including invoices, statements, purchase orders, credit notes, pick-slips, payslips and many others. Additionally, by converting manual procedures into a single, automated electronic process, Pronto Xi TrueForm Neo ensures business documents can distributed efficiently using an intuitive interface to define document distribution rules and workflow, simplify printer setup and reduce (or eliminate) the need for physical document storage and distribution costs.

Pronto Software Technology Partners

Pronto Xi Alert Intelligence

Never miss a thing

Alert Intelligence provides automated alerts to selected staff to facilitate exception management. It’s easy to set what events will trigger a notification, who will be notified and what action should be taken. Typical events include when an unusually high transaction is processed through Pronto Xi Accounts Payable, when inventory levels have dropped below minimum, or when a service call has been allocated to a technician.

Alert Intelligence is not just limited to monitoring events. It can also periodically check the status of any record, or set of records, at scheduled times. For example, a manager could establish a monthly Alert Intelligence task that raises an alert when expenses exceed budget by more than 10%.

Pronto Xi Task Intelligence

Making things happen

Pronto Xi Task Intelligence extends the functionality of Alert Intelligence to ensure tasks are carried out quickly and efficiently. You can assign staff to carry out particular tasks and automatically synchronise these tasks with each person’s Microsoft Outlook task list.

A range of criteria can be applied, including how the staff member should be notified, how much time has been allocated and the priority of the task.

You can also specify a time for a reminder notice to be sent and provide feedback about the status of the task.

Pronto Xi Data Intelligence

Understanding your data

Data Intelligence makes it easy for your staff to extract and present data. Data tables can be filtered, sorted and highlighted to suit individual needs, and exported to non-Pronto formats such as XML, Comma Separated Value (CSV) and Microsoft Office Excel if desired.

Data Intelligence also includes a range of tools to help you find and secure information within your data tables. A Data Finder will allow you to search for a particular value across multiple tables, while a Table Security tool offers protection for valuable data by specifying who can access which tables.


With Pronto Xi, you get to stay ahead of the curve. Underpinning our enterprise applications is a flexible and highly robust infrastructure, combined with a user experience that is fast, highly accessible and designed to delight.

Cloud-based services give you greater flexibility to structure and deploy your package of Pronto Xi modules. Your staff will have access from wherever they are, on a variety of devices.

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