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Flexible, Functionality-rich, Reliable – Pronto Xi the right fit for your manufacturing business

Whether you’re an engineer to order manufacturer or a discrete manufacturer, accelerating customer demands in a rush order climate, ever increasing product variety and complex materials management, manufacturers today are looking to improve yields and better manage their production lines.

Pronto Software has been committed to delivering a high degree of efficiency to manufacturing operations for over thirty years.

We help our customers take manufacturing businesses to the next level by simplifying complex business processes.

Shop Floor

Pronto Xi Shopfloor Manufacturing is a flexible and easy to use tool for rigorous cost control and lean, efficient manufacturing.

Shopfloor control manages the execution phase of the manufacturing process, while work orders are typically used to manage the planning, execution, raw materials consumption and feedback of production results.

Production Planning

Pronto Xi Manufacturing Planning provides a range of tools to optimise materials and capacity planning over single or multiple sites. Demand is aggregated through a network of distribution centres, using actual orders and forecasts, DRP/MRP or Min/Max replenishment logic.

Pronto Xi has the planning tools to best match the level of complexity required by the business with support for both Finite Scheduling and Infinite Scheduling.

Sales Configurator - for ETO/CTO environments

The Pronto Xi Sales Configurator provides sales personnel with an easy to use, wizard based tool designed to step the user through item configuration, BOM creation and Quoting.

It acts as a virtual salesperson allowing users to build a tailored solution based on a set of components and their variables, whilst enabling visibility of actual costs, weight and sell price of the finished item.

Production Scheduling

Pronto Xi Manufacturing Scheduler is a Windows-based drag and drop application which simplifies scheduling and planning for work centres where many jobs are processed simultaneously.

It assists in managing variations in the current schedule, provides at-a-glance information when priorities have changed or a work centre is unavailable, and highlights the options available to resolve the change of circumstances.

Quality Management

Quality Management provides you with the tools to administer your organisation's quality management procedures and activities.

It is a flexible module which supports continuous improvement, tighter process control, increased auditability and certification requirements.


Pronto Xi Laboratory provides you with the tools to improve your products quality management process by offering you the ability to record test results accurately and manage products grades efficiently.

This allows for speedy decision making when reprocessing is required and reduces operating cost by identifying the lowest complying set of products for a given requirement.

Manufacturing Brochure

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Take control of quality with our flexible suite of manufacturing tools, designed to cater to almost any industry. From trimming the fat on the factory floor to bulking up production volume, you can ensure your operations are ship-shape.

Plan your production properly with paperless reports of manufacturing resources and raw materials, and comprehensive feedback on consumption and production results.

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