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Today, just every business is a tech company. Every task, communication and calculation requires a digital connection, but it is how these systems are integrated that makes the difference to performance. With increased adoption of mobile and Cloud technologies, along with legislative changes, IT security has become a critical concern for businesses with remote teams.

Leveraging Pronto Xi core platform to sustain high performance transnational processing environments.
Using the core platform of Pronto Xi to gain a robust, enterprise grade foundation.

The Pronto Xi Platform is the enterprise-grade foundation you require to maintain productivity and security.

We understand that every business is different with varied business processes. All Pronto Xi Applications have been built on the Core platform. With Applistructure design and Pronto Connect APIs, you can customise or extend the functionality to align the software to your business processes. Pronto Xi can be flexibly accessed using a Web browser on a desktop, laptop or tablet, or using a native Windows user interface.

Foundation Overview

Pronto Xi Foundation fuels a proactive response to the rapidly changing business environment – by enabling continuous innovation. With a focus on flexibility, scalability, security and extensibility, read how Foundation powers all Pronto Xi applications. 

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Pronto Xi Platform

Learn more about the foundation and technology features powering Pronto Xi

Platform  Overview
Pronto Software running on a iMac

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ERP and analytics software



Brokered Communications
Supporting multiple combinations of hardware, operating systems and databases, Pronto Xi Runtime ‘brokers’ communication between Pronto Xi applications and the underlying IT platform. Enabling all your data management to be achieved through one system. Designed for ‘hands-free’ administration, it allows you to get more from your information, without additional technical support.
Personalised to each user
Create individualised field defaults and values appropriate for the user’s role or department to reduce the effort of data entry. Pronto Xi also allows users to track personalised KPIs and explore and export relevant data insights to help them see their world more clearly.
Timesaving operations
Streamline your fundamental processes by scheduling essential business operations such as backups, reports, end-of-period processing and real-time data synchronisation to save time and errors. Checked at one-minute intervals, all services operate independently, reducing the risk of a job not being run.
Enhanced connectivity & collaboration
Easily share data between remote sites, franchise systems or Point of Sale (POS) systems, where reliable synchronisation between data sets is required. With enhanced security and data quality including validation you can feel confident that intelligent business tasks can be performed without user intervention in a protected way.

How Pronto Xi helps

How Pronto Xi Helps

A clearer view
Easily manage all of your data through one system that talks to your existing IT platform, reducing need for additional technical support.
Optimise performance
Effortlessly create individualised field defaults and field values enabling your team to work the way that suits them and their roles best.
Streamline and save time
Scheduled operations with real-time updates run your fundamental processes saving both time and money.
Reduced error
Designed for ‘hands-free’ administration, scheduled operations operate automatically and independently, reducing the risk of a job not running.
Increased collaboration
Share data as required between two disconnected Pronto Xi databases or companies, particularly useful for remote sites, franchise systems or Point of Sale systems.
Geared for growth
Add modules to the Core Platform of Pronto Xi as and when you need them.

Achieve business goals faster
with one team

Industry-specific, integrated ERP software

Pronto Xi is modular with applications that integrate accounting, operations and mobile features to optimise business processes, simplify collaboration and accelerate growth.

Pivotal technology to gain the edge

Specialist business units have expertise in AI-fuelled analytics to drive actionable insights; secure IT infrastructure to deliver agility & resilience – and digital transformation to increase employee & customer experience.

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