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Legacy systems create complexity

Managing diverse product inventories is becoming increasingly complex for wholesale distributors – especially with supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic. Adding to this, is the low tolerance for delays with customers demanding shorter delivery windows and full transparency across the process. Legacy paper-based manual systems create data duplication and errors which can cripple a business running on tight margins. What are the solutions? 

Pronto Xi Sales allows you to track the status of a sales order - keeping you on top of delivery to customers.
Pronto Xi Warehouse Management System keeps an up-to-date schedule of delivery requests in real-time so your business can keep on top of customer orders.

One integrated ERP to increase efficiency and sales

Improve resource utilisation and profitability in wholesale with Pronto Xi ERP and analytics. Teams can track inventory in real time and automate orders to streamline day-to-day warehouse operations. With suppliers and vendors networks managed on this one platform,  double work is cut and visibility is increased. Detailed forecasts and rich data insights from Pronto Xi business intelligence drives supply chain optimisation – with the right products available when they are needed. Customers expectation are exceeded when orders are fulfilled with precise efficiency using the Proof of Delivery App – and freight and shipping costs are minimised. With Pronto Xi Avenue eCommerce is simplified to maximise sales in new markets – even direct selling.

How Pronto Xi helps

When information needs to move fast, connectivity is key. Pronto Xi provides a seamless integration of financial, inventory and service – removing the roadblocks to growth.
Access the insights that allow you to know the real drivers of your business so that you can make the decisions now that will help you make the most of growth opportunities in the future.
Integrating key functions like service, supply chain and distribution with the financial and inventory systems frees the flow of information for a better-informed team and more satisfied customers.

Pronto Xi Applications for you

Distribution ERP Solutions


Gain clear visibility of inventory across your warehouses and stores with Pronto Xi Distribution delivering all the detailed information needed to make informed business decisions. Organisations can leverage Pronto Xi Inventory, Sales and Purchasing to accelerate performance.

ERP Financial Management Solutions


Gain access to the complete position of a  business at any time with Pronto Xi Financials. Learn how core applications integrate all financial activities on a single system, delivering the insights necessary to monitor and grow profitability.

Supply Chain ERP Software Solutions

Supply Chain

Gain full visibility with Pronto Xi Supply Chain – from planning distribution & forecasting stock requirements to warehouse operations. Move/manage stock entirely within Pronto Xi, cutting manual, paper processes. Predict trends with Advanced Forecasting & cut costs.

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