Customers have ever-escalating service expectations ...

and will accept no less. Every interaction is goldmine of customer data to help you achieve the goal of service excellence and win loyalty. If the data is trapped in multiple platforms, analysing it and unlocking the insights you need to create effective promotions and targetted customer communication can be impossible.

CRM provides tools that reps can use to schedule activities and attach them to deals in their pipeline to see their entire to-do list on one, easy-to-navigate page.

You need a solution that supports your journey towards an omni-channel experience.

One that turns simple transactions into valuable customer insights. One that brings all your customer data together to create one, single view so you can see them, know them and serve them individually – en masse. Pronto Xi CRM is a solution that keeps all aspects of your customer relationships in focus, nurtures relationships and drives real customer satisfaction.

How Pronto Xi helps

Know your customers more deeply
Each of your customers is unique and you should treat them that way. Pronto Xi CRM gives you all your customer data in one place so you and your staff have the information you need to deliver the service, or product, they want.

Deliver a great end-to-end customer experience
From first touch point, through to enquiry, sale and beyond Pronto Xi CRM tool gives you the ability to use customer data to plan, monitor and deliver customer service that is on point.

Reduce the cost of every sale
Having the insights you need to understand who your customers are and what they want makes it easier to sell them more of the right product to the right people at the right time.

CRM Applications Overview

Pronto Xi Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is fully integrated to other Pronto Xi applications and enables the management of contacts across the full customer life cycle. Read how advanced segmentation features and the Mobile Sales app empowers sales and support teams – even those working remotely – with accurate information to offer better service and increase sales revenue.

Explore other Pronto Xi Applications

Key Features

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