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Instant access to accurate data is one of the key ways to secure a competitive advantage.

Knowing what is selling, what customers value most, and where costs can be cut is the sure way to maximise profitability. But to make informed decisions you need more than just accurate data collection; you need to give all decision makers access to clear and relevant information that supports decision-making right when they need it. One of the biggest challenges facing businesses is accessing critical, up-to-the-minute data when its required.

Pronto Xi is powered by IBM Cognos Analytics making it easy for your staff to dig deeper and uncover richer, more actionable insights on demand.

IBM Cognos is enterprise level report authoring and distribution package, allowing reports to be generated on-the-fly or scheduled, removing delays in decision making.


Reduce the risk of decision-making

Pronto’s Xi Business Intelligence Application tools bring your data together and display it in ways which make insights more accessible. You will be able to break down internal silos and reduce your decision-making risks at every level of the business.

Access better insights, faster

With access to real-time, accurate data from across your business there’s no need to wait for insights. Live and aggregate data is ready when you are with easy to use reporting tools.

Manage what you measure

When your business isn’t the same as all the rest, your analytical tools shouldn’t be either. Pronto Xi gives you the ability to customise your tools and what they measure to give you the insights that really matters.

Key Features

Make timely and informed business decisions with real-time information. BI Essentials includes a forecast model that can be used for your reporting and strategic planning needs.

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Give your IT administrators complete flexibility to set access controls and user capabilities, including usernames, passwords and reporting roles. They’ll be able to set report ranges and even security settings for mobile users.
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BI Manager gives business managers and executives control over their reporting. With tools to quickly and easily compile and author reports they can significantly speed up the decision-making process.
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Designer makes it easy to see your data in the way you want. Choose from a range of charts and lists and add in logos or other visual assets to complete the reporting picture.
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Vic's Meat - Meating the needs of customers

Vic’s Premium Quality Meat (Vic’s Meat) required a fully customisable end-to-end solution – from inventory and product dispatch to payroll and ecommerce, allowing Vic’s Meat to be a cut above the rest.

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