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The challenge is in the name: Fast Moving Consumer Goods

There’s constant pressure to keep up with retailers who have an endless appetite for innovative food and beverage (F&B) choices. At the same time, there is a growing desire amongst consumers to understand the source of the products they buy. This requires visibility over the entire supply chain, beyond the walls of production facilities. Margins also keep getting tighter.

Food & beverage worker maintaining product data management
Baking professional analysing the outcome of his workflow.

One integrated ERP solution for efficiency, data-led decisions & growth

Launch innovative products rapidly with Pronto Xi Manufacturing applications –  such as Shopfloor Planning, Scheduler, Advanced Forecasting, BOM handling, and Materials/Distribution Requirements Planning (MRP/DRP). The solutions work together to sustain an agile approach to operations with the ability to make changes rapidly to gain competitive advantage.

Leverage Pronto Xi data analytics to identify the most popular products or recipes – and determine cost of goods sold (COGS), tying it back to the promotions and pricing in different markets.

Explore new markets with Pronto Xi Avenue ecommerce platform – and manage customer rebates with accuracy to drive loyalty and mutual growth.

How Pronto Xi helps

Profitable operators deeply understand their customers and what drives their purchase decisions. Pronto Software can help you provide customers with the products they value, thorough the channels they demand.
Remain competitive in a high-pressure industry by automating key processes in your business. Reduce operating costs and support innovation by ensuring what needs to happen happens, allowing you to focus on your growth opportunities.
Innovation is key in the food and beverage industry as consumer tastes rapidly change and technology constantly evolves. Remaining competitive relies on your ability to accurately identify and act upon new opportunities.

Pronto Xi Applications for you

Supply Chain ERP Software Solutions

Supply Chain

Gain full visibility with Pronto Xi Supply Chain – from planning distribution & forecasting stock requirements to warehouse operations. Move/manage stock entirely within Pronto Xi, cutting manual, paper processes. Predict trends with Advanced Forecasting & cut costs.

Manufacturing Management Software Solution

Manufacturing Management

Operations are lean, scalable & cost-effective with Pronto Xi Manufacturing. Organisations can leverage Shopfloor Manufacturing, Manufacturing Planning, Manufacturing Scheduler, Laboratory and Quality Management to optimise operations and reduce waste.

ERP Financial Management Solutions


Gain access to the complete position of a  business at any time with Pronto Xi Financials. Learn how core applications integrate all financial activities on a single system, delivering the insights necessary to monitor and grow profitability.

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