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Challenges and solutions: Australian CEOs speak to us about their concerns
One of the most important roles for chief executives is treading a line between actively pursuing growth and managing risks. And right now, there are plenty of risks. For instance, if you’re a CEO in Australia, you may need to deal with issues as diverse as falling commodity prices, an unpredictable currency and ever-changing industry regulations.
Risks and opportunities: The five key concerns of Australian CEOs in 2016
CEOs are responsible for the difficult choices – and often these choices are thrust upon them by issues that affect the business world at large. Many of these issues will be familiar to readers of this report. Though generally robust and stable, the Australian economy appears to be progressing through a period of uncertainty, buffeted by rising international competition (particularly from China), the end of the mining boom and reduced demand for key commodities such as coal and iron ore.
Uncharted Waters: How uncertainty will shape Australian CEOs’ leadership priorities in 2017
Last year ended not with a bang but with a whimper. Weak international trade and subdued investments affected global growth, bringing it to its slowest pace since 2009. The outlook for 2017 seems slightly brighter, but a number of unknowns loom on the horizon. From unpredictable political leaders to unclear economic policies and unresolved geopolitical agendas, the year ahead is fraught with uncertainty for decision-makers who rely on facts, patterns and trends to assess risks and shape strategies.
Business takes back control: Australian leaders gear up for growth
For the fourth consecutive year, Pronto Software has worked with The CEO Institute to conduct a survey of its members. During The CEO Institute Summit in 2018, more than 250 senior leaders across Australia, from diverse industries shared their feedback about:
  • The most significant trends or challenges they expect their business to face in 2018
  • The technology innovations they believe will significantly disrupt their business or market
Carbon Management and Your Business: A guide to tracking carbon output.
As the industrial world evolves, its impact on the environment becomes more and more evident. We recognise the devastating effect of chemical pollutants on our air, our water, and the land itself. The world reacts to practices that deplete the ozone layer, affect the food chain, and endanger the oceans.
Innovative IT Infrastructure: Cloud ERP and its application for the mining industry
The mining industry is ruled by efficiency. The organisations that can extract, process, and deliver materials with the least amount of waste stand to be the most profitable. With vast footprints in remote locations, diverse labour forces, and long term projects, miners require an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is specific, adaptable and complementary to the way modern mining is done.
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