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Connecting to growth - How ERP breaks down silos & risk i
“Improve business effectiveness and information availability” is the innocuous directive often issued to managers. However, with an increasing number of software applications being used across businesses, data and information flow is more fragmented than ever. This whitepaper identifies why companies are inadvertently creating growth barriers by using disparate systems and discusses how efficiencies can be increased and risks mitigated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.
Wholesale distribution: Challenges and opportunities in the ecommerce era i
Wholesale businesses are used to dealing with challenges. Inbound freight delays, finding new customers, and retailer price pressure are all common issues faced by wholesale distributors. Continual technology advancements have facilitated a new set of consumer behaviours, and these are increasingly impacting business to business (B2B) trading relationships.
Traceability: An imperative for your food supply chain i
The unexpected presence of sewing needles in pears and strawberries sold across Australia raised serious concerns. Though criminal investigations confirmed it was a malicious act, for the farmers and retailers involved it raised questions about tracking the food products they supply or sell. This paper explores the topic of traceability and how your business can achieve seamless visibility across supply chains.
Revenue maximisation: How to get retail inventory management just right i
Retailers are under pressure to meet customer demands for choice and convenience. This is while they try to increase sales margins and control expenses and cash flow. One of the most important assets that affects all these levers is a retailer’s inventory. This paper explores how retailers can transform inventory management to increase sales revenue.
Omni-Channel Retailing and its impact on your retail value chain i
The retail environment has seen a multitude of changes over the last decade. From the evolution of e-commerce to social media and mobility, there are now many more variables to consider beyond bricks and mortar. This has led retailers to adopt a new ‘omni-channel’ philosophy that gives customers the ability to interact and transact with a store via any channel – in person, over the phone, or online – and experience the same outcomes and level of service.
The State of Australian Retail Technology 2019 i
The 2019 Australian Retail State of Technology Review was commissioned to examine and benchmark technology adoption among Australian retailers. Over 75 per cent of the 172 Australian retailers surveyed, believed that technological changes are causing a major disruption in the industry. Although both large and small retailers leverage technology, there is clearly an opportunity for stronger results – especially when solutions are used to connect siloed areas of the business.
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