CIO preventing unauthorised access to critical information and systems using Pronto Xi.

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Those who are at the helm of a company’s technology platforms have to walk...

…a fine line between making sure that the organisation’s technology stays up to date and relevant, while at the same time extracting maximum value from existing legacy systems. You are also responsible for balancing both the protection of data and giving access to data that shapes an organisation. The ERP system you choose needs to provide the maximum of both trust and control and be flexible enough to adapt to your changing world.

IT Managers using Pronto Xi to utilise security standards and industry best practices to maximise the security of the company.
CIO using Pronto Xi System Administration to take control of day to day admin tasks from performing backups, setting protocols to security settings.

In this delicately balanced, ever-changing world, that system is Pronto Xi.

Its wide range of modules can be easily customised to meet the specific operational and reporting needs of your entire business. Underpinning our enterprise applications is a flexible and highly robust infrastructure that integrates seamlessly with existing systems. High levels of automation allow users to navigate the system with ease from any location, while being protected by industry best practice security standards and regular penetration testing that never compromises the security of your organisation. Pronto Xi lives up to its promise of keeping you at the leading edge of new technology.

How Pronto Xi helps

A scalable, cloud-based application Pronto Xi is rapid to deploy, provides for a greater amount of customisation and is a cost effective way of giving staff access wherever they need to work.
Today, data is your company’s biggest asset; and it’s essential that its security be maintained. Pronto XI makes it possible to prevent unauthorised access to critical information and systems, without slowing down business.
Mobile and web technologies have become mainstream will continue to evolve. Pronto Software will help you stay ahead of the curve, with a flexible and easy to deploy solution.

Pronto Xi ERP &
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