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Data driven decisions

Organisations accumulate a tremendous amount of data each day from multiple touch-points, within and outside of their business. Efficiently analysing this high influx of information in a timely manner can be challenging for businesses, which can impact decision-making and competitiveness in the market.

Pronto iQ can enable faster and efficient data integration with our Business Intelligence (BI) cubes. These multidimensional databases can process large amounts of data quickly and accurately to provide users lightening fast results, enhancing the quality of insights and empowering organisations to respond rapidly to market changes.

Fast and accurate data analytics

BI cubes provide a simplified, comprehensive view of complex data which is organised through intuitive visual representations. A cube is data built from tables in a database that contains calculations. They consolidate the relevant data and then drill down, dice and pivot to view it from different angles. This allows decision-makers to gain the relevant information and be better informed of trends, patterns, and anomalies.

Our BI cubes are built on a highly optimised data infrastructure which is compatible with reporting tools including IBM Cognos, PowerBI, Qlik and Tableau.

As cubes are typically grouped according to business function, Pronto iQ has BI cubes to help you extract insights from all areas of your Pronto Xi ERP. This includes your General Ledger, Sales / Inventory to Procurement , Manufacturing, Customer Resource Management (CRM) and many more.

Fast and accurate data analytics

Uncovering valuable sale insights

Leveraging the power of a sales cube, dig deeper into your sales data with our Sales dashboard. This Sales Dashboard is a pre-written report, similar to our core operational reports, empowering your team with relevant and responsive analysis in an easy-to-use interface. This reduces the cost to deliver data driven decision-making to all levels of your organisation, without the need for extensive training or configuration.

Uncovering valuable sale insights

How Pronto iQ helps

Digest large volumes at speed

Supported by real-time data sync and specialised data models, large volumes of data can be rapidly processed without compromising on quality or integrity. Teams can report faster and make more informed decisions with confidence.

Anytime access to accurate data

Built on IBM Cognos Analytics technology, the detailed, interactive reports and data stories created can be consumed on the web and other mobile devices.

Visualise insights with ease

When the data is easily understood stakeholders have the information to make strategic decisions. Visualisations with dashboards, charts and reports are created straight out of the box – or simply tell the AI assistant what insights are needed.

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