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Retailers are rising to the challenge and exploring ways to respond...

…to a growing customer expectation for always on,​ always there service. For many this requires the transformation of legacy systems and processes and the effective integration of digital to provide the consistent and personalised experience across all touchpoints their customers demand. At the same time, there is the challenge of negotiating sometimes competing and complex customer expectations around data privacy. So the question remains; how can you be agile and nimble in creating experiences customers value, without the insights that show you which way to move?

With having store allocations in place, this gardening retail professional is able to offer multiple product options to their customer.
Pronto Xi Avenue gives real-time data of all inventory information, accounts, pricing and orders to enable better and more informed decision-making.

Pronto Xi is the first step to creating an omni-channel ecosystem with data analytics that help you understand

what’s behind purchase decisions. This fuels improved optimisation of pricing, product and marketing promotions. Pronto Xi offers a fully integrated, end-to-end solution that brings together critical customer data, real-time sales information, ecommerce and tools such as Point of Sale (POS) to support your teams, for an improved customer experience.

Pronto Xi Applications for you

Retail Management Software Solutions


The simple way to nurture your customers and minimise the costs of providing great, satisfying service.

ERP Financial Management Solutions


Reduce the effort of finding, balancing and integrating financial data across all your channels.

Business Intelligence Data Australia

Business Intelligence Data

Knowing what’s selling, what customers value most, and where costs can be cut to maximise profitability.

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Results from the 2020 business barometer survey

Results from the 2020 business barometer survey

The Family Business Australia Business Barometer survey,  was undertaken to provide insights about the unfolding challenges, changes & opportunities business professionals were experiencing.
Pronto Case Study: Noni B

Case Study: Noni B

Noni B had siloed systems, the warehouses were still using pen and paper. There were multiple spreadsheets that had to be manually updated to get the required reporting – slowing the process.
Pronto Whitepaper: How to get retail inventory management just right

Revenue maximisation: How to get retail inventory management just right

Retailers are under pressure to meet customer demands for choice and convenience. This paper explores how retailers can transform inventory management to increase sales revenue.
Freshening a business model fuels sales growth

Lorraine Lea – Freshening a business model fuels sales growth

Despite COVID-19 lockdowns, Lorraine Lea achieved an average increase in sales of 38% over the period April, May and June 2020. 

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