Retail is transforming
at rapid pace

Traditionally slower to change, the industry is challenged by customers spread across multiple platforms – shopping according to their convenience with loyalty shifting quickly. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated challenges with some retailers overwhelmed by sometimes irrational demand while managing disruption to supply chains. With tight margins, many retailers still use legacy systems for physical stores – which do not connect to newer eCommerce initiatives, creating data silos and an incomplete, disconnected view of customers and sales. In the competitive retail world however, every delayed decision is something competitors will capitalise on. 

Retail Management Software

Streamline with integrated
back and front end

With Pronto Xi Retail deliver an omnichannel experience and gain actionable insights to nurture customers with exceptional service. As an end-to-end system it manages everything from product inventory to selling on multiple sales channels.

Pronto Xi POS supports multiple tender types including buy-now, pay-later solutions and varying sales types such as refunds, exchanges, lay-bys, customer accounts and quotations. The flexible way to create POS workflows and custom screens that handle desirable product selling scenarios increases productivity. With Pronto POS app, teams create a great experience with the ability to complete transactions from anywhere – at the convenience of the customer. Staff have access to all product information, customer shopping history and the ability to take payments – even when offline.

Pronto Xi Avenue simplifies eCommerce with powerful functionality and an engaging and intuitive user interface on any device – delivering frictionless online shopping and exceeding customer expectations. 

How Pronto Xi helps

Put customers first
Easy to use, intuitive Point of Sale (POS) software means your retail staff can conduct sales faster and more easily, allowing them to focus on the customer even during peak sales periods.

Easy online selling
With tools that work straight out of the box, it’s easy to set up your secure, reliable, ecommerce site and start selling, as well as monitor every customer’s activity on your site.

Real-time insights
With access to live insights you can capture and view all transactions as they happen, no matter where, giving you the power to make informed, real-time decisions.

Retail Applications Overview

Pronto Xi Retail offers a fully integrated Point of Sale (POS) and eCommerce application to manage all aspects of operations, end-to-end. From product inventory management to creating personalised promotions that can be designed and triggered based on defined rules – this sophisticated application provides the tools for exceptional customer experience to drive sales revenue. Read how the Pronto POS App even empowers retailers to serve and take payments offline – with full access to product and customer information, pricing and promotions.

Watch Pronto POS app at work​

Explore other Pronto Xi Applications

Pronto Software Product and Development specialists work with customers in Australia and globally, across a wide range of industries to define new functionality. Significant R&D investments ensures that Pronto Software answers evolving customer needs – a commitment the team has shown for over 40 years!

Achieve business goals faster
with one team

Industry-specific, integrated ERP software

Pronto Xi is modular with applications that integrate accounting, operations and mobile features to optimise business processes, simplify collaboration and accelerate growth.

Pivotal technology to gain the edge

Specialist business units have expertise in AI-fuelled analytics to drive actionable insights; secure IT infrastructure to deliver agility & resilience – and digital transformation to increase employee & customer experience.

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More resources

Pronto Case Study: Noni B

Case Study: Noni B

Noni B had siloed systems, the warehouses were still using pen and paper. There were multiple Excel spreadsheets that had to be manually updated to get the required reportings – slowing the process.
Pronto Whitepaper: How to get retail inventory management just right

Revenue maximisation: How to get retail inventory management just right

Retailers are under pressure to meet customer demands for choice and convenience. This paper explores how retailers can transform inventory management to increase sales revenue.
Connecting Retail and Inventory Solutions

Case Study: Herschend Family Entertainment

“With the improved visibility into location and company-wide sales data via Pronto Xi, we are able to react faster to sales trends – resulting in a significant boost to revenue,” Vice President of Revenue, HFE.
Freshening a business model fuels sales growth

Case Study: Freshening a business model fuels sales growth

Despite COVID-19 lockdowns, Lorraine Lea achieved an average increase in sales of 38% over the period April, May and June 2020. 

Key Features

Case Study Download

Noni B – Tailoring business insights to support strategic decisions

Noni B has been using the ProntoXi Financial application since 2011. In 2014 specialist investment and advisory firm, Alceon purchased a controlling stake in Noni B Ltd when it had experienced subsequent quarters of declining revenue. The new team focused on making the company profitable again. Luka Softa Chief Financial Officer, Noni B said, “I joined the business shortly after the acquisition and within a short time it was self-evident that the data we needed to enact a business transformation was not as readily available as it should be.”

Download case study & please let us know if you’d like a copy emailed to you.

NONI B Case Study

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