With Pronto Xi Shop floor Manufacturing, the creation of work orders is automated which enables this manufacturing employee to be more productive and efficient.

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Manufacturing is transforming

From lean manufacturing processes that align the people, processes and technology to full lights out smart factories operated completely by robots, efficiency is everything in manufacturing. Taking advantage of the cost saving benefits of Industry 4.0 requires a complete end-to-end view of production, greater information transparency and systems that connect and communicate seamlessly.

A manufacturing professional is able to review real-time data to make more informed decisions about production.

In this landscape, an ERP system lies at the heart of production.

Pronto Xi includes a range of manufacturing-specific modules. These simplify complex workflows, offer efficiency gains, provide additional flexibility around working locations and ensure greater collaboration. With improved visibility of the full product production cycle and the ability to make production updates in real time, you are more agile, adaptable and better able to meet customer demands for innovation.

How Pronto Xi helps

Improving visibility and automating repetitive and predictable processes reduces human error, production lags and creates an intelligent, connected system that keeps production moving.
Our financial tools help you understand and control the the impact of business decisions on your bottom line in even the most complex of manufacturing environments.
Empower your people with up to date information they can access instantly, helping them make effective decisions so that production and sales move fast.

Pronto Xi Applications for you

Manufacturing Management Software Solution

Manufacturing Management

Operations are lean, scalable & cost-effective with Pronto Xi Manufacturing. Organisations can leverage Shopfloor Manufacturing, Manufacturing Planning, Manufacturing Scheduler, Laboratory and Quality Management to optimise operations and reduce waste.

Asset and Facility Management Software Solution

Asset & Facility Management

With Pronto Xi Asset & Facility Management align your people, processes and assets towards one goal – achieving business excellence. Applications like Pronto Xi Project, Service Management, Mobile Service and Rental help organisations deliver better results.

ERP Financial Management Solutions


Gain access to the complete position of a  business at any time with Pronto Xi Financials. Learn how core applications integrate all financial activities on a single system, delivering the insights necessary to monitor and grow profitability.

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