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When it comes to paying invoices, Australian organisations often run late – creating administrative complexity, escalating costs and disrupted cash flows. One of the key reasons for this is the high dependency on manual processes which introduces duplication and errors for Accounts and Finance teams.

Further in their 2021 report the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) warns that business email compromise – which includes fake invoices – “continues to present a major threat to Australian businesses, especially as more staff work remotely”. The average loss reported in such incidents was more than $50,000 – over one-and-a-half times higher than the previous financial year.

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Automate accounts, payments and invoice management

Pronto Xi Customer Central, a web-based application, automates accounts, payments and invoice management. This single integrated touchpoint enables organisations to fully leverage Pronto Xi ERP to create one shared source of truth – driving productive collaboration across operations and improving cash flow.

Through this self-service portal, the customers of a business gain anytime access to their account details, strengthening customer experience. Accounts and Finance teams also have shared visibility over every interaction and transaction with the customer. This enables consistent communication including encouragement to drive timely payments – improving the service provided and strengthening customer relationships.

Pronto Xi Customer Central also provides organisations with a simple way for their customers to confidently validate any invoice they receive, thwarting fraud – and the resulting risk to reputation.

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Pronto Xi is modular with applications that integrate accounting, operations and mobile features to optimise business processes, simplify collaboration and accelerate growth.

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Specialist business units have expertise in AI-fuelled analytics to drive actionable insights; secure IT infrastructure to deliver agility & resilience – and digital transformation to increase employee & customer experience.

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