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Advances in mobile communications have made data transfer, smart phones and tablet computers inexpensive and widely available. But each time data gets transferred it increases the risk that out of date information will be stored and used. To maintain data integrity using these devices, you need a platform that simplifies data sharing between multiple devices and operating systems in a reliable and secure manner.

Real-time data transfer to and from platforms...

is now faster, more reliable, and more secure using Pronto Connect API Platform. Pronto Connect enables application mobility, integrating your external applications and platforms with Pronto Xi, using industry-standard web services architecture. This reduces data double-handling and human error, allowing for substantial increases in productivity and cost-efficiency.


Pronto Connect creates ways for applications to exchange data freely and efficiently, without human intervention. It incorporates some of the most common APIs, including Representational State Transfer (REST) and document-based APIs (XML, JSON) as standard, as well as offering a development environment that lets developers create custom APIs be created to improve your information flow.

By using web services architecture rather than traditional ‘flat-file’ or field based API connectivity you have real-time information exchange. This means your processes can be completed using up-to-date information, not yesterday’s data. By handling your operations this way you are removing the need for the old flat file structure, which saves your business time and money and reduces errors, empowering you to operate in a more effective way.

Pronto Xi has ongoing commitment to ensure your system remains compatible with the latest versions of operating systems, databases, business applications such as Microsoft Office, and popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. This protects your investment in existing cloud-based or on-premises software tools by linking them to your back-office Pronto Xi platform.


With a set of standard APIs included, plus a development environment that lets you create custom APIs, information flow has never been easier.

Control who accesses and views data through secure certificate and LDAP (Active Directory) based user authentication and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data transfer.

Using API connectivity for real-time information exchange means you can discard the need to maintain a flat file transfers, which saves time and money.

A reliable messaging system, leveraged off a system compatible with the latest versions of operating systems means fewer upload or synchronisation errors. This ensures requested data is delivered as expected, reducing errors.

Technology advances at such a rapid rate that it can be overwhelming and costly for a business to constantly maintain. Pronto Xi is committed to staying relevant to the latest versions of operating systems, databases and business applications, safeguarding your investment.

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