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Securing your business

IT threats come at an ever increasing pace and in all manner – from corrupted files, viruses or ransomware attacks to hardware failure, power outage and natural disaster. IT systems are expected to be available 24/7, as a system downtime can severely hinder or stop the business entirely – potentially destroying productivity, revenue and reputation. Daily backup solutions alone do not protect your business in all situations. Core business applications require more than a backup solution to ensure high availability. In the case of a hardware failure, a business will remain offline until a replacement is in place and data is restored.

System Recovery Service (SRS)

SRS is a disaster recovery solution offered to cloud hosted customers, where Pronto Cloud replicate your production cloud environment to a secondary datacentre. As the replication is created within the same environment as the original, teams are able to switch to the parallel system with data as current as seconds for the incident with a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of under a minute.

System Recovery Service (SRS)
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Pronto Cloud EverSync

Pronto Cloud EverSync is a disaster recovery solution that protects business critical application data for on-premise organisations. Eversync sits as a protective layer on top of your virtualised servers, that replicates the data in real-time. EverSync removes the need of duplicated infrastructure and frees up valuable IT resources required for back-up management. This solution scales automatically as storage requirements grow, making it easy to manage.

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