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Knowledge sharing and adherence to process are key differentiators on any project.

Without a clear view of your team, equipment, customers and onsite issues your ability to deliver a project, or consistently high level of service is at risk. The challenge is gathering and sharing accurate data in a timely manner – but how do you overcome poor processes, multiple teams and data silos?

Workers ensuring every project is completed within the estimated budget and time frame.

Give yourself the advantage with an integrated platform to align your people, processes and assets.

Pronto Xi Asset and Facility Management helps you plan and optimise resource utilisation from tender to delivery. If you’re maintaining assets you have detailed schedules for predictive work to extend equipment life. You can also manage the full life cycle of service calls with access to information – from contracts to call allocation, invoicing and reporting. It’s all about efficiency to enable excellence.

Asset & Facility Management Applications Overview

With Pronto Xi Asset & Facility Management you allocate resources, synchronise tasks and people, establish processes towards one goal – achieving business excellence. Read about how applications like Pronto Xi Project, Service Management, Mobile Service, Service Connect, Maintenance Management and Rental help your team deliver better results.

Watch Pronto Xi Resource Management Scheduler at work​

How Pronto Xi helps

Know everything, every time

When your service staff can see and act on your customers’ complete history – including warranties, sales and maintenance – there are no bad surprises, only good service.

Fix it before it’s broken

Use analytics to predict the optimal time to service assets. You’ll reduce unexpected breakdowns and deliver your customers a more predictable level of service.

Key insights at a glance

Keep control over your service and profitability with live insights that let you know how both are performing against a range of key metrics including budgets, Cost Breakdown Structure and first-call resolution.

Key Features

Maintain control of costs with a tool that puts the focus on ensuring every project is completed within the estimated budget and timeframe, whether it’s based on a fixed price contract, time and materials, rework or many other project types. Pronto Xi Project manages every stage of the project lifecycle, from automated project quotations, ongoing project workflows and close-out operations. It also integrates with other modules so you can track work orders, sales orders and service calls, keeping track of every project in real-time from quotation through to completion.

Put the customer first by minimising your callers’ wait time by providing easy to understand customer data to your service staff, including customers sales, maintenance, warranties and service histories. Pronto Xi’s Service integrates with all other Pronto software applications to remove unnecessary keying in of data and provides at-a-glance insight into service operation performance so you can optimise productivity.

Increase your service centre’s operational efficiency with an easy to use interface that directs dispatch, engineer allocation and shows real-time status on customer calls and servicing. Your dispatch team use a simple drag and drop interface to allocate calls to engineers, and engineers automatically have access to all the service, customer and location details they need.
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Keep your technicians and field engineers connected with the data they need to complete the job, anytime, anywhere. Mobile Service links directly with Pronto Xi Service to efficiently log, process and track all service activities. It also automates back end processes such as timesheets, purchase orders, and invoices, ensuring that admin time is minimised, and General Ledger updates are accurate.

Put the power into your customers’ hands and reduce enquiries through an online customer service portal. Service Connect gives them the ability to log new service calls, view up-to-date service information and access their full service history. The portal is password protected, and the data is live and searchable, so your customers can deal with their concerns in a timeframe that suits time, reducing service calls.

Keep productivity high and reduce service costs by making sure your equipment is in full working order and that the right parts and technicians are ready whenever they are needed. Pronto Xi Maintenance Management automatically collates vital data from across your facilities, so you have full control of how you view your outcomes. Spot failures and identify maintenance improvement opportunities swiftly with fault analysis reporting.

Have complete oversight over all your rental contracts. Pronto Xi Rental keeps a comprehensive inventory of your serialised rental items, including asset depreciation, service and rental history. With insights in one place you can see what’s making you money now, and will make you more in the future. Rental also integrates with other Pronto Xi modules, such as Service and Project, to attach and post all revenue from a rental contract to a project and schedule the preventative maintenance.

Mitchell Services case study

Case Study Download

Mitchell Services case study

Mitchell Services - Unearthing increased performance to support growth

Mitchell Services has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. In 2014, the business had an operating rig count of 8 rigs, 80 employees and a turnover of AUD 15 million for the financial year. In 2018, the business expanded to an operating rig count of 45 rigs, more than 350 employees and a nearly fivefold increase in turnover to over $72 million.

Download case study & we can also email you a link to read this case study later. 

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