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Seamless customer & employee experience requires in-sync operations

To amplify reach and fuel growth, many organisations deploy new software that optimises aspects of operations. Integration of the new introductions with other existing systems and processes can however be challenging – typically it involves accessing and trying to combine numerous sets of disparate data across operational silos such as accounts, sales and marketing. This disconnected data can frustrate employees and lead to decreased customer experience – as information is hard to find with confusing duplication and therefore prone to significant error.

Pronto Xi Sync Avenue

Extend and drive greater growth

Pronto Xi Sync is part of the Pronto Xi Avenue application and integrates software applications – connecting the technology ecosystem of a business. Pronto Woven, the digital consultancy division of Pronto Software has extensive experience leveraging Pronto Xi Sync to connect applications – from Pronto Xi Inventory to delivery orders, operations are unified and run at optimum efficiency. Key integrations include eCommerce platforms (Shopify), marketplaces (eBay and Amazon), payment gateways, marketing automation (MailChimp) and Google Analytics.

With the flexibility of framework, Pronto Xi Sync supports organisation as they continue to grow and add more complex software. In addition to advanced native features, the platform has pre-built integrations. These allow rapid connection to systems and tools leaders often rely on to run high performance teams. The integrations aims to keep the software and data across the business in sync and employees always connected to the latest updates, boosting the productivity and results of day-to-day operations.

How Pronto Xi Sync helps

Pronto Xi Sync ensures all inventory information, including product, orders and pricing content remains in sync across all integrated platforms.
Gain one source of truth which provides a complete, real-time view of inventory, sales, promotions and general ledger. Along with increased accuracy, the data exchange speed is enhanced, improving service and efficiency levels.
Gain access to local support and guidance to review business goals, user expectations – and then build a more efficient technology ecosystem with confidence.

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