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Distribution is one of the most critical aspects of customer experience,

because it’s the moment that your customer receives what your business has promised them. When distribution is managed manually, with little oversight, you have a high risk of human error, creating costly delays and unhappy customers. The more efficiently and accurately you move your goods from warehouse to customer, the better the experience, and more profitable you’ll will be.

Truck leaving distribution centre to deliver customers order on time.

Pronto Xi gives you everything you need to get sales out the door, on the road and in customers’ hands on time.

You’ll have complete control of costs and be able to track stock movement and dispatches in real time so you can keep your customer informed. And when it comes to updating your stock and inventory level – Pronto Xi does it automatically for you, no matter how many warehouses you have. Allocate backorders and stock replenishment, calculate freight and track despatch across multiple countries and currencies, all while having full access to your history.

How Pronto Xi helps

Excellent customer service
Complete inventory visibility that integrates with your sales order management and your procurement tools means you can provide a predictable, cost effective delivery of goods and services to your customers every time.

Reduce the cost of mistakes
With live tracking, as well as automation of paperwork such as picking slips, manifests, consignment notes and labels, you can reduce the amount of mistakes and the costs of errors.

Accurately predict demand
Keeping on top of your inventory is no longer a guessing game. Pronto XI’s Distribution modules allow you to accurately predict customer demand based on previous activity, benefiting both your customers and your bottom line.

Distribution Applications Overview

Gain clear visibility of inventory across your warehouses and stores with Pronto Xi Distribution delivering all the detailed information needed to make informed business decisions. Read how organisations can leverage Pronto Xi Inventory, Sales and Purchasing to accelerate performance.

Explore other Pronto Xi Applications

Pronto Software Product and Development specialists work with customers in Australia and globally, across a wide range of industries to define new functionality. Significant R&D investments ensures that Pronto Software answers evolving customer needs – a commitment the team has shown for over 40 years!

Achieve business goals faster
with one team

Industry-specific, integrated ERP software

Pronto Xi is modular with applications that integrate accounting, operations and mobile features to optimise business processes, simplify collaboration and accelerate growth.

Pivotal technology to gain the edge

Specialist business units have expertise in AI-fuelled analytics to drive actionable insights; secure IT infrastructure to deliver agility & resilience – and digital transformation to increase employee & customer experience.

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Home / Products & Services / Distribution

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