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Automation and data analysis tools are transforming manufacturing.

But it’s not a simple as ‘pressing go’. To get the most out of automation you need visibility over all areas of your production process so you can monitor them, and ensure the efficiencies flow from end-to-end. If you are efficient in one area but not another you will create bottlenecks, or production lags, which will impact how quickly you can dispatch your goods and meet demand.

Worker using automation to manage production.

Pronto Xi Manufacturing shows your entire operations at a glance

to maximise​ your manufacturing resources and reduce product cycle times. Get the data to plan every step of  production with detailed views of manufacturing resources, raw materials and comprehensive feedback on consumption and production results. Support continuous improvement and quality management with tighter process control to meet your certification requirements.

How Pronto Xi helps

Make manufacturing more transparent
Pronto Xi allows you to view your entire operations at a glance; so you can easily identify opportunities for efficiency gains, cost reduction and automation opportunities.

Making made flexible
There’s no one who manufacturing process is exactly like yours, so we’ve created tools that can be adapted to your requirements and that meet the unique challenges of your industry and your shop.

Quality from insights
Your customers demand your best and so do you. View real-time insights from across all areas of your business through Pronto Xi’s user-friendly interface to keep your quality high.

Manufacturing Applications Overview

With Pronto Xi Manufacturing ensure operations are lean, scalable and cost-effective. Read how businesses can leverage Shopfloor Manufacturing, Manufacturing Planning, Manufacturing Scheduler, Laboratory and Quality Management to optimise operations and reduce waste.

Explore other Pronto Xi Applications

Key Features

More resources

Case Study: Key Tubing & Electrical Industries

After a period of significant growth, KTE realised the tech & systems they used to manage their operations were not capable of deep insights.
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Brochure: Advanced rebates management ​​​

An integrated and a highly flexible solution to enable you to manage customer rebates end-to-end in a very easy and convenient manner.

Traceability: An imperative for your food supply chain

This paper explores the topic of traceability and how your business can achieve seamless visibility across supply chains.

At the intersection of Industry 4.0 & ERP

The digitisation of factories creates a competitive advantage – optimising operations & increasing supply chain agility.

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