Haymes Paint – Brushing up on mobility, performance and efficiency

Haymes Paint required a solution that made their sales team more mobile, accelerated employee performance and enabled the business to leverage the efficiency of cloud-based technology. The transition to a new version of Pronto Xi enabled this and supported the centralisation of data, allowing Haymes Paint to better forecast and understand sales, via built-in Business … Read moreHaymes Paint – Brushing up on mobility, performance and efficiency

NEPEAN – Generating productivity and customer satisfaction gains

NEPEAN struggled with disparate systems and hundreds of error-prone spreadsheets that made unified financial reporting a complex task. Inventory management was also area of concern for the organisation. The transition to the latest version of Pronto Xi allowed NEPEAN to streamline reporting and analysis. Also their field-based sales team can now respond rapidly to customers … Read moreNEPEAN – Generating productivity and customer satisfaction gains

ABGAL – Cutting complexity increases productivity, visibility and growth

ABGAL used a proprietary ERP product written for the company to record sales orders, inventory and purchasing – as well as register every single step of a bespoke manufacturing process. When the system started to struggle with the increasing volume and complexity of their daily business transactions – ABGAL recognised the need for a solution to increase productivity, visibility and growth.

Carbon Management and Your Business: A guide to tracking carbon output.

As the industrial world evolves, its impact on the environment becomes more and more evident. We recognise the devastating effect of chemical pollutants on our air, our water, and the land itself. The world reacts to practices that deplete the ozone layer, affect the food chain, and endanger the oceans.

Enterprise Resource Planning: Solutions for growing businesses

There comes a time when most successful small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need to make some hard decisions. If they want to continue to grow and maintain a competitive edge, they can no longer rely on small-scale IT platforms or disconnected software applications to handle their increasingly complex business processes.

ERP performance and security considerations for cloud and on-premises deployments

Cloud-based infrastructures allow businesses to reap the benefits of reduced capital expenditure and IT maintenance costs, and free up chief information officers (CIOs) to focus on IT strategy and other activities with higher business value. However, although businesses continue moving to the cloud, many still harbour concerns over performance and security. How can a system … Read moreERP performance and security considerations for cloud and on-premises deployments

Migrating to ERP: Seven key questions to ask before you invest

Business growth can create increasingly complex internal processes. At a certain point, this mounting complexity makes it necessary for businesses to adopt more sophisticated business management software. This is where enterprise resource planning (ERP) comes into play.