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Customer exploring Pronto Software's range of deployment options to suit companies implementation needs.

Choose a deployment model that suits business needs

When it comes to deployment models, each business has specific demands. Pronto Software offers a selection of delivery methods for Pronto Xi Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software – allowing a choice between a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, hosted or on-premises.

Hosted Service offers a high level of resilience and uptime through Pronto Cloud – and help to expertly manage ERP deployments.

On-premises options, organisations utilise in-house infrastructure to manage ERP deployment – leveraging Pronto Software’s technical expertise as required.

Features & Benefits

The best option for many companies with sophisticated business processes, custom development and multiple integrations with other systems is to run their ERP in a private cloud environment.
For businesses with remote operations an analysis should be done to assess the performance and reliability of local networks.
Hybrid and private clouds may be an option to benefit from the cloud delivery model, while keeping critical data secure.
The estimated cost of an outage and loss of data need to be compared with the cost of the service provided by the data centre or cloud provider.

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