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Not ready for the Cloud, but want something similar?

Pronto Cloud can help run Pronto Xi more efficiently. Whether an organisations choose to own the servers and infrastructure, rent them from a third party, or have them provided by Pronto Cloud, the team will help manage systems and maximise performance.

Professional using Pronto Cloud to help run Pronto Xi more efficiently.

Features & Benefits

Hosted services
Get a high level of resilience and uptime through Pronto cloud – and help with your ERP deployment.
Dedicated resources
Improve the way you manage your platform – either with your infrastructure or ours.
Ensure up time
Benefit from robust infrastructure housed in a purpose-built facility with a high level of redundancy.
Quick deployment as there is no need to install hardware and software on servers or user devices.
Lower upfront hardware costs, software licence fees with a monthly model and reduced energy consumption.
Anytime, anywhere
Access your business-critical applications at any time, from any location
Resource savings
Gain expert IT support including management of updates and upgrades
Increase your needs instantly to suit growing business requirements.
Minimise threats to your business data by leveraging our expertise – and enjoy undisrupted operations with uptime rates of 99.99%.

Pronto Xi ERP &
analytics software

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