Business Intelligence Data

Many businesses are capturing increasingly large volumes of data,

but few have the capability to generate actionable insights from it. They are unable to access it in a timely manner, or have concerns about its integrity. And yet, decision-making is only as good as the data that supports it. It is critical to your business that your decision makers can access the insights they need, when they need it and trust its integrity.

Whether accessing KPI snapshots via Workspaces, or building real-time reports from transactional data, Pronto Xi delivers all the answer.

Pronto’s Xi Business Intelligence Data module gives you the tools to access live data when you need so you can make yours a data-driven business.

Supported by real-time intelligence you will be able process high volumes of data, rapidly, without compromising on quality or integrity. Report faster, and make more informed decisions with confidence.

Analytics Application Overview

How Pronto Xi helps

Decisions without delay

Never wait for critical insights again. Pronto Xi brings instant access to accurate aggregated from a range of modules including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Sales & Inventory, and more. to you in single dashboard. You choose what you want to see, without the wait.

Access for all

Use templates and a KPI library to create a data democracy where all staff can access the information they need and in a format that suits them, to make data-driven decisions.

Integrity you can rely on

Make informed decisions based on data you can trust. Pronto Xi’s Data Quality Management scans records to ensure integrity is maintained.

Key Modules

There’s no need to start from scratch. Get fast access to critical data with a range of reporting packages based on industry standard KPIs and business metrics. The data is aggregated and stored based on pre-defined drill paths, providing rapid access to your critical data. Data is integrated from most Pronto Xi modules including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Sales & Inventory. Download Case Study
Keep your data clean and ensure you have confidence in its integrity with a range of advanced data correction tools and user alerts to reduce the risks. Data Quality Management monitors integrity and relationships within your data and highlight areas that need attention. Users receive alerts, and can access a dashboard of exceptions to review and action any flagged items. Download Case Study
Create your own data tables with no special skills required. Data intelligence’s user friendly interface make it easy to create, filter, and sort the data tables you need, without needing highly developed technical skills. Easily merge existing tables, input calculations and other rules or schedule data populations to happen in the background. Download Case Study
Get a complete overview of complex business structures and scenarios through Analytics Cubes. Cubes are designed to analyse data at a rapid rate so you can inform your business strategy by viewing past trends, multi-dataset reporting, or carrying out dynamic forecasts. Download Case Study
Dixon Group Case Study

Case Study Download

Dixon Group Case Study

Dixon Group - Getting all the right connections

With manufacturing and distribution centres spanning the length and breadth of Canada, Dixon’s supply chain is reliant on effective communication and resource planning systems.

Download Case Study

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