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Forming relationships with customers to capture the initial sale,

encouraging repeat business and growing your reputation through referrals has always been critical to survival, but is becoming more challenging. The revolution in spending habits is seeing consumers change their preferences from traditional bricks and mortar stores to online. This is being driven by the popularity of influencers on social media, the desire to complete a purchase quickly, the convenience of short, sometimes same-day shipping times – and financial services such as, buy-now, pay-later providers. It’s a world in complete flux and retailers who may be used to a more measured approach to change, need to transform rapidly, or lose out to more agile competitors.

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Courier delivering customers online order from warehouse.

We can help ensure your customers are looked after from the moment they make contact with your business.

Our fully integrated solution allows you to differentiate yourself with effective promotions and marketing campaigns. Our powerful Point of Sales (POS) solution helps staff process payments quickly and easily – even if you lose network connectivity. We make data easily accessible so you can identify your most valuable customers, key buyer trends and control the cost of stock on-hand by understanding what is selling best at which location. Pronto Xi brings all this together for you so your fashion business thrives.

How Pronto Xi  helps

Data can be intimidating, when you’re wading through mountains of it searching for insights. Access to real-time data allows you to see what’s happening, as it happens, so you can dynamically control your inventory and make decisions that have an impact.

Prioritise the customers who matter most to your business. Use real insights to identify your VIPs, and deliver the experience they expect, every time. Make it easy for them to transact with you, and ensure their positive experience lasts beyond the sale to after sale service.

Keep things under control. Know when to expect your busy times so you have the staff you need, where you need them. Understand your inventory so you’re not holding excess stock and most importantly, keep your costs under control by maintaining full visibility of your business.

Pronto Xi Applications for you


Understand what’s selling and what’s trending to stay ahead of the pack.


Get to know your customers and deliver an exceptional sales experience.


Control your costs by understanding every aspect of your business

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2019 ARA White Paper Cover

The State of Australian Retail Technology 2019

The 2019 Australian Retail State of Technology Review was commissioned to examine and benchmark technology adoption among Australian retailers. Over 75 per cent of the 172 Australian retailers surveyed, believed that technological changes are causing a major disruption in the industry. Although both large and small retailers leverage technology, there is clearly an opportunity for stronger results – especially when solutions are used to connect siloed areas of the business.

2019 ARA White Paper Cover

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