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Supporting online sales and omni-channel ecosystems

A significant problem for online wholesalers or retailers is the sheer complexity of working with disparate systems. Typically, they have one system to manage the warehouse and inventory, another for distribution, something else for suppliers and customers, the e-commerce platform – and more. Frustratingly, these systems are usually not integrated – requiring hours of manual data exports and imports to build reports or garner any insights to support strategic sales and promotions or other decision making.

Accelerate with Avenue

From a simple user interface and stunning online store that enhances user experience to an integrated and scalable platform that powers a business, Pronto Xi Avenue accommodates both B2B and B2C business needs. 

A site can be up and running in no time with this high-powered system that makes launching an online presence easy. Pronto Xi Avenue takes care of key activities including sales, marketing, payments, secure checkout, shipping and more so customers experience is an engaging and coherent journey from browsing to purchasing, boosting loyalty. With seamless connection to Pronto Xi ERP, all inventory information, accounts, pricing and orders will remain in-sync, across all integrated platforms. 

Request an Pronto Xi Avenue demo today and find out how you can accelerate your digital transformation.

How Pronto Xi Avenue helps

Understand the state of your contracts from all angles, ensuring projects are managed efficiently from start to finish, so customer satisfaction is always top of mind.
Information needs to flow freely throughout the business in order to operate efficiently. Ensure the most important information is accessible by all with simple tools accessible from compatible devices.
Leverage content that converts. A flexible platform to power business content that makes every impression count!
ECommerce Solutions
Build a fully customised eCommerce site with complete control and freedom over the site’s look and feel. With Avenue’s user-friendly back-end, the possibilities are endless: create stunning product galleries, promotion pages, branded verticals for specific products or campaigns, blogs and so much more!
ERP Integration
Seamless connection to your inventory, accounts, pricing and orders
Mobile Apps
Portable solutions that can be accessed by your staff and clients anytime, anywhere.
Web Development
Tailored web solutions to ensure that first impression counts!
CRM Integration
Easily get prospect and customer specifics to zero in on your sales objectives.
Content Management
A flexible platform to power your business content.

Success in a snapshot with Pronto Woven

“Pronto Xi (ERP) is probably the most in-depth tool and Avenue is very easy to navigate. The Pronto Woven team did an exceptional job at honing in on our business’ needs and focusing on the customer experience and journey.”

Ryan Williams, Managing Director
Leica Cameras Australia

Pronto Xi ERP &
analytics software

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