Business suppliers improving inventory management by looking at accurate ways to predict future demand for products.

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To remain competitive in the Building Supplies industry,

high quality and compliant products need to be supplied efficiently and cost effectively. With increasing pressure from cheaper, international suppliers, it’s never been more important to have complete visibility of your supply chain from ordering right through to supply, and to be able to respond to the needs of your customers at each and every touch point.

Building supply employees using Pronto Xi Manufacturing Management to automate workflows.
Pronto Xi providing inventory records and tracking movements making delivering supplies easier.

To help you stay competitive, we offer solutions that work from different angles to address the varying needs of your business.

Efficiency is driven from within by the Pronto Xi Manufacturing Management which completely automates your workflows. Our Supply Chain module helps ensure incoming and outgoing goods are delivered efficiently and intelligently while our BI reporting gives you visibility of your entire production, providing insights to allow the right decisions to be made in real time.

How Pronto Xi helps

Automating a range of key processes in your business reduces the demand for resources, gives you time to focus on more strategic activities, and a better line of sight on where to address cost reduction.
A stall in production means a stall in profitability. Plan your production processes so downtime is minimised and your customer’s satisfaction is maximised.
To remain competitive in an industry that demands high quality and often complex materials, the ability to innovate is key. Streamlining your production gives you time to identify trends and opportunities.

Pronto Xi Applications for you

Distribution ERP Solutions


Gain clear visibility of inventory across your warehouses and stores with Pronto Xi Distribution delivering all the detailed information needed to make informed business decisions. Organisations can leverage Pronto Xi Inventory, Sales & Purchasing to accelerate performance.

Manufacturing Management Software Solution

Manufacturing Management

Operations are lean, scalable & cost-effective with Pronto Xi Manufacturing. Organisations can leverage Shopfloor Manufacturing, Manufacturing Planning, Manufacturing Scheduler, Laboratory and Quality Management to optimise operations and reduce waste.

Business Intelligence Applications Australia

Business Intelligence Applications

Pronto Xi Business Intelligence is user-friendly, removing barriers to gaining insights. A range of out-of-the box tools are combined with the leading data analysis platform, IBM Cognos Analytics to deliver compelling data-driven stories that support rapid, strategic decisions.

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