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Pronto Xi 770 unveiled with strong security, compliance and a new user experience

Published On: September 27, 2022
Pronto Xi 770 media release

Melbourne, 27 September 2022 – Australian technology company, Pronto Software Ltd, has launched the latest major version to its award-winning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Pronto Xi, building a new bedrock for the future of the platform.

With supply chains and digital transformation in the business spotlight more than ever before, having an ERP and Analytics solution to bring every business data point to light has never been so critical. Pronto Software has been delivering exactly this power to businesses for over 40 years.

“Customers have been forced to focus on the backend of their business over the past few years,” says Chad Gates, CEO of Pronto Software. “Ensuring supply chain efficiency and reducing waste has never been so critical in ensuring no money is bleeding out the door, particularly during difficult times.”

“While customers look inward, having access to detailed business data in real-time is more important than ever before. With accurate data it becomes easier to make smart decisions faster as the data reveals vital information.”

While Pronto Xi 770 features significant enhancements across the application suite, security and compliance capabilities to maximise customer confidence are also at the forefront, such as the introduction of Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 and major investments in Pronto Cloud.

“At Pronto Software we are actively involved with regulatory discussions wherever we can to ensure we are on top of dynamic compliance requirements, and that customer concerns are represented during these rollout processes,” continues Gates.

“There is so much transformation in business right now and every moment of change at scale is a moment where attackers aim to exploit a security weakness,” says Gates. “With this in mind, Pronto Software recently completed its first full three-year certification cycle. We have renewed our ISO 27001 certification while Pronto Cloud is also ASAE 3402 attested and is running on Tier 4 data centres.”

“We see more and more government regulations and customers requiring ISO 27001, so it’s been a timely journey for ourselves and for our customers. Trust is everything between Pronto Software and our customers, and we want to minimise any risk or stress for our users when it comes to using us as their ERP platform.”

Alongside security and compliance, Pronto Xi 770 also features major updates to the user interface design to offer a mobile-friendly experience for users on the go, while maintaining robust dashboard features for those on desktop screens.

“We’ve targeted areas within Pronto Xi that have the highest need for mobile access, like CRM and interfaces for warehouse workers,” says Gates. “Ensuring features like field selections are now simple and that the performance is snappier on mobile is a great step forward for many environments. We will keep evolving the user interface to balance the ideal needs of both desktop users and users in mobile-centric roles.”

Pronto Xi is rapidly shifting to cloud-based delivery with over 95% of Pronto Software new and upgrading customers using Pronto Cloud, its cloud division, setting up the company to prepare its platform to operate as a continuous delivery architecture – several parts of the product already operate this way for the new release.

“Important STP updates will be available to customers using Pronto Xi versions launched as far back as 2015,” says Gates. “Unfortunately, past a certain point some new features cannot be implemented in prior versions, but we know the importance of ERP to every customer and work hard to deliver important features in every version we can.”

Pronto Software also continues to expand its Solution Partner program, enhancing trust in the third-party tools that integrate with the Pronto Xi platform.

“We know we can’t write everything ourselves, so over the last few years we’ve embraced the specialist solutions that fill gaps in the market,” says Gates. “By creating trust relationships with these third-party vendors, we help customers to choose options with more confidence.”

Pronto Software continues its journey towards boosting productivity and efficiency while reducing the stress at work for its customers’ staff and users through its powerful ERP, and the analytical tools it enables to help increase certainty in decision making. Most importantly, Pronto Software continues to grow and invest in products, people, and customer outcomes from a position of financial stability and innovation.


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Pronto Software is an Australian developer of award-winning business management and analytics solutions. Pronto Xi Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, integrates accounting, operational and mobile features in a single system – optimising business processes and unlocking actionable insights. Over 1,500 organisations have leveraged Pronto Software’s industry experience and innovation to increase growth and revenue.

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