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RONDO rolls out increased business insight, productivity and savings
13 Feb 2019
AMT Magazine: How RONDO increased business analysis and their profitability with time savings of 50% in inventory management and 26% in financial reconciliation:  
Customer intimacy: Give your employees insights to seal the deal
12 Feb 2019
To close more sales, retailers increasingly need to know exactly what customers want – before they walk into the store. Learn how retailers are empowering their staff to boost sales:  
Retail World: Down but not out - dodging the outage bullet
23 Oct 2018
Retailers stand to lose thousands in revenue – and destroy customer loyalty as a result of any downtime. Here are proactive steps you can take to protect your business:  
The Retailer: How to use promotions to boost your revenue
01 Oct 2018
With improvements, Australian retailers can secure a share of the $11.3 billion promotional saving opportunity. Learn why running a great promotion is about more than 'SALE' signs:  
The true cost of returns
09 Jun 2017
Wholesalers have seen margins declining in recent years, leaving little room for error and a renewed focus on operational efficiency. Dealing with rising production costs on one side, and retailers re...
What you need to know about data protection
23 Dec 2016
Data has increasingly become the lifeblood for understanding customers, optimising business processes and identifying growth opportunities. This is particularly true for those businesses with a strong...
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