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Disaster Recovery as a Service - DRaaS​

IT threats come at an ever increasing pace and in all manner –  from corrupted files and virus or ransomware attacks to hardware failure, power outage and natural disaster. With IT systems required to remain available 24/7, systems downtime hinders or stops the business, destroying productivity, revenue and reputation. Daily backup solutions do not help in all situations. Core business applications need more than a backup solution to ensure high availability. In the case of hardware failure, a business will remain offline until a replacement is in place and data is restored.

Disaster Recovery As a Service by Pronto Cloud
Businesses using EverSync to protect business data and enable critical information to be back online rapidly when a disaster strikes.

Pronto Cloud

Pronto Cloud EverSync is a disaster recovery solution that continuously protects data in business critical applications. Within minutes of a disaster, teams can switch to the parallel system with the data as it was seconds before the disaster. For a fixed, affordable monthly subscription, EverSync removes the need of duplicated infrastructure and frees up valuable IT resources required for back-up management. EverSync scales automatically as storage requirements grow, making it easy to manage.

How Pronto Cloud EverSync helps

Failover to a point in time of your choice with multiple recovery points. Your data is encrypted and stored in Pronto-owned cloud infrastructure, within Australia to comply with data sovereignty requirements.
Disaster Recovery (DR) is matched to network usage, data storage, processing requirements and site/server locations.Rather than a one size fits all solution, this is the required service and support with simple and predictable monthly pricing – no hidden costs and confusion.
Hardware and software compatibility is not an issue. Replicate any virtualised application, from/to any hardware, thereby keeping it flexible and scalable.

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