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Document management can be chaotic and risk-prone

Most business documents follow a standard journey – they are created, reviewed, annotated, shared over emails, stored on devices or online and printed. All this until a new version is created and then it starts all over again. As teams collaborate within or across departments – and with external stakeholders such as customers, multiple files are simultaneously created with varying levels of urgency and confidentiality. Managing this process is chaotic and risk-prone, introducing errors, rework and frustration that impacts performance.

All files stored using File Share can be seamlessly be accessed from Pronto Xi via Quicklinks.
Work together
Leave comments on files, enable team shares or create versions, making collaboration fun.
Access anywhere
Store files locally in special folder on your system and instantly access it from anywhere on the web.
Stored locally
All files reside in datacenters located in Melbourne and Sydney.
Deployed in your own isolated virtual environment, your data remains safe and secure.
Make it your own
Use your own logos and colours to match your corporate brand.
Stay on top
Choose when and how you get notified about changes to folders that you have access to.

Collaborate with secure document management for Pronto Xi

Pronto Cloud File Share is a secure, cloud-based content collaboration platform that enables teams using Pronto Xi ERP to work together on documents, images, videos and more – from wherever they are. Find out how organisations benefit from File Share by Pronto Cloud.

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Operations manager using File Share to access files instantly anywhere on the web.

Collaborate without barriers

To find out more about File Share by Pronto Cloud, download the File Share solution brief.

Download Solutions Brief

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